Postural Biomechanical Tape®

What are Posture Pals?

Posture Pals use the unique properties of Biomechanical Tape® to adjust posture through resistance and proprioceptive feedback. In short, they prompt you to adjust your position and thus improve posture over time. Whether you’re looking to improve your golf stroke or avoid posture related back pain, Posture Pals may be able to help.

A Variety Of Applications

We offer Posture Pals in three varieties, our box shape and both large and small X shapes. This presents clinicians with a wide variety of techniques and approaches for application.

Lasts For Days

The material that we use for Posture Pals is very durable and the medical grade glue allows them to stick for several days. They also resist water, so won’t come off in the shower!

Doesn't Lock Up Movement

Posture Pals have been designed to provide controlled resistance while stretching to allow natural movement. This means that you can continue to live your life and do the things you love while wearing them

Posture Pals Box

Posture Pals Box are a great way to manage pain in either the upper or lower back or correct shoulder position. They also have applications for the upper leg, for example for hamstring tears.

Posture Pals X

You can purchase Posture Pals X in both regular and small varieties. They have a wide variety of applications, ranging from managing neck and back pain to pregnancy support.

Find Out More

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