High Resistance Biomechanical Tape®

What is Dynamic Tape ECO?

After we developed Dynamic Tape Classic, introducing Biomechanical Tape® to the world, we received a number of requests for a tape with even more resistance. And so Dynamic Tape ECO was born.

Dynamic Tape ECO provides much higher resistance with slightly reduced recoil and is ideal for use in positioning and ligament  applications where a high degree of support is required. To achieve this, we developed a new material made from recycled plastic bottles which gives higher resistance sooner in range. In this way the tape supports not just the individual but also the wider environment.

A Stiffer Tape

We developed an innovative material for Dynamic Tape ECO that makes it stiffer than Dynamic Tape Classic, with more resistance and less recoil.

More Resistance. Sooner In range

With more resistance sooner in range, Dynamic Tape ECO has unique properties that are well suited to applications requiring firm resistance and minimal movement. This might include positioning or application to ligaments.

Environmentally Conscious

Dynamic Tape ECO is made from recycled plastic bottles. About 15 per box to be precise. By doing this, we play our small part in keeping plastics out of landfill and out of the oceans.

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