High Recoil Biomechanical Tape®

What is Dynamic Tape Classic?

Dynamic Tape Classic was the first taping solution that we developed. Inspired by the dynamic splint, it was designed to provide higher resistance and greater recoil than a kinesiology tape. The result was a tape that acts directly on the body to alter movement patterns and manage load.

Manages Loads On The Body

Because the resistance of Dynamic Tape is many times that of a kinesiology tape, it is able to affect loads on your body, supporting injured tissues or altering movement patterns. This presents a variety of treatment options for clinicians to use in managing pain and the risk of injury.

Durable And Water Resistant

We use an advanced medical grade adhesive to ensure the tape sticks effectively to the skin for up to several days. The tape is also water resistant with correct application. This makes it ideal for swimming and watersports as well as long-term applications where the user may need to shower using the tape. We have a variety of videos demonstrating how best to apply the tape to increase durability.

Allows Free Movement

Unlike Kinesiology Tape, Dynamic Tape Classic stretches in 4 directions. This allows you to move naturally and allows for greater freedom of movement. This in turn helps to more efficiently dissapate load, maintain balance and participate in day to day activities.

Black Tattoo Dynamic Tape

Black Tattoo Dynamic Tape is our most popular tape. It has more resistance than our beige tape and its pattern is bold, mimicking the colour of a tattoo

Beige Tattoo Dynamic Tape

Beige Tattoo Dynamic Tape has slightly lower recoil and a less vivid tattoo pattern. This makes it a better option for sensitive skin or a concealed application

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